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Angel Hair Processors

Type of Work:
Angel Hair Processors
Payment Description: $375.00 per week for 120 ounces of cleaned, combed mohair

Angel Hair is angora mohair. Angora mohair is the fleece of angora goats, natural blond in color with a soft silky texture that is perfect for all sorts of craft projects. It also has a natural curl or wave that makes it appealing for Santa beards and doll wigs, just to name a couple of uses. You simply clean the raw fleece by soaking it in hot soapy water. This removes most of the dirt, you allow the hair to dry, and then finish the process by Combing or brushing out any particles that may still be in the hair. The work is simple but does take some time and effort on your part. A fully refundable instruction kit is available. It includes 4 ounces of raw mohair to practice on, step-by-step instructions, a finished one-ounce package of Angel Hair, powdered detergent, and an inspection list.