Work At Home Assembly Jobs


Assembling Earrings And Sewing Christmas Stockings

Type of Work:
Assembling Earrings And Sewing Christmas Stockings
Payment Description: $774.00 per week maximum

This company will pay up to $774.00 gross per week to crafters who would like to assemble or sew craft products at home. If you are able to spend time at home working, and if you like crafts, you may be a perfect candidate to become a company crafter. No experience is required, and no equipment is required, (except for sewing machine for stocking). Prompt payment is guaranteed! Company gives you a choice of assembling their stunning earrings and/or their Christmas stockings and gives you the option as to which items you would like to make. They provide clear and complete diagrams and instructions showing you, step-by-step, how to assemble the earrings or make the stockings. Their starter kit includes materials and supplies to make 10 earrings or one Christmas stocking to get you started. The Company requires a deposit that will be Refunded after you send in your 5th unit. This is an honest, reputable company that has been in business since 1994.