Work At Home Assembly Jobs


Making Glamour Bows & Wood Light Switch Covers

Type of Work:
Making Glamour Bows & Wood Light Switch Covers
Payment Description: $187.00 for every 60 hair bows ($374.00 max. per week) $125.00 for every 52 Light Switch Covers ($250.00 max. per week.)

This company pays $187.00 for every package of 60 Glamour Hair bows. They are easy to make and require only hand sewing and gluing. The company also offers the opportunity to assemble wood light switch covers that require cutting, sawing, and painting - following simple step-by-step instructions. They will pay $125.00 for every package of 52 completed switches. Company has a fully refundable instruction package available for immediate delivery. It includes materials for one Glamour Bow or one Wood Light Switch Cover, a quality checklist and complete instructions for obtaining supplies. The family business of this company has provided people with home jobs since 1994.