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Sewing Baby Bonnets

Type of Work:
Sewing Baby Bonnets
Payment Description: $447.00 maximum per week for 150 Baby Bonnets

This product is easy to make and you won’t need anything else but a standard straight stitch machine and basic sewing skills. This company has been producing baby items since 1992 and has received the Seal of Approval. For every 30 bonnets that you make according to specifications, you will receive $95.40 ($65.10 for your labor, $30.30 for your supply cost, plus up to $4.00 shipping). You can make up to 5 packages of 30 bonnets each per week ($447.00). If you wish to obtain pattern, a help-line number, instructions, fabric and supplies for making one sample bonnet that you can return for inspection, you can purchase a starter kit for $25.95 plus $4.95 shipping, handling and processing. You can also buy a finished sample for $8.95, plus $2.00 shipping and handling.