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Sewing Holiday Items

Type of Work:
Sewing Holiday Items
Payment Description: $72.00 for every 36 decorations

The company is seeking people to help produce different Holiday decorations that vary in size between 4 and 5 inches. Included in the selections are also “Dalmatians”, “Cardinals”, “Lovable Mice” and Purr-Feet Felines”. This company will pay $72.00 for each package of 36 decorations. This company has received wise popularity for their original designs, appearing in a number of well-known magazines. A starter kit is available to for $36.95. It includes a detailed color picture, patterns, instructions, specifications, and all materials needed to assemble one sample doll or holiday decoration. The best part is that this cost is refundable. You don’t need any special sewing skills, as all the dolls are straight machine stitched and the decorations are stitched by hand. You can either by the materials yourself, use your own, or purchase the starter kits.